Use of the Grange

The Fruitland Grange hall is used by a multitude of community service organizations, community clubs, little league, karate, and others.  In 2019, the hall was used by these groups for a total of 1140 hours.  

Fruitland Grange Community Service Activities

Words for Thirds

This program puts a new dictionary in the hands of every third grader in the school and their teacher.  During the presentation students are challenged to look up new facts and to share their favorite words.  The dictionary has reference tables and maps so it is more than just spelling and learning the parts of speech. 


Fruitland Grange buys a dictionary for every student in at least one school at a cost of about $1.25 for each dictionary if bought in bulk. 


For a generation raised on digital everything, the students are surprisingly excited about their low tech gift.  

Food Preservation Classes

Our own Grange member, Debra Basquez, a certified Master Food Preserver is offering canning, food preservation and cast iron cooking and maintenance on her Facebook page at cast iron & canning food preservation in Puyallup.  She's very knowledgeable and provides very educational classes.  Don't miss your opportunity to learn from a professional.