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Photography Arts & Crafts Contest 5.3.24.png

Photography and Arts & Crafts Contests

This contest is open to both Grange members and non-Grange members.

       Categories (Adults Ages 14+)

  • Photography

  • Paintings & Drawings

  • Fiber Craft/Needle Art

  • Holiday Crafts

  • Wood Crafts

  • Recycled Crafts

  • Constructive (glass, metal, etc) Crafts

  • Paper Crafts

  • General (beading, jewelry, toys, clothes, etc)

    Categories (Children Ages 5-9 & 10-13)

  • Photography

  • Paintings & Drawings

  • Lego

  • Wood Crafts

  • Fabric/Fiber Craft

  • Decorations

  • Wearable Art

  • Crafts from a Kit

Bring your entries to the McMillian Grange on Friday May 3rd between 8-10am.  Entry Forms can be filled out at drop off and if you are not a Grange member, the Fruitland Grange will sponsor you.   

Entries can be picked up on Saturday at 12:30pm after the regular meeting.  Questions? Email:

Founded 1932 in Puyallup, WA

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