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2024 Rental Information

The Fruitland Grange has two floors available for rent.  Max capacity is 150 people total.


The ground floor contains the kitchen and dining area with tables and chairs and is suitable for weddings, family celebrations, meetings, etc.  


The upper floor contains a stage and a large open 'ballroom' with a newly refinished hardwood floor.  Food and beverage are not allowed on the upper floor. It is a beautiful venue for weddings, anniversaries and special birthdays.  This floor is only rented with the ground floor (can not rent only the upper floor). 

If you are interested in renting Fruitland Grange for your event, follow these steps:

1. Check our calendar to see if the date you are interested in is available

2. Read the handbook (prices updated March 2023)

2. Watch the walk-through videos  to see what the space looks like 

3. (optional) Schedule an in-person tour by filling out the Tour Request Form

4. Fill out the Rental Request Form  Wait for a reply from the Rental Manager before making any deposits or payments

2024 Rental Prices:


Liability insurance is required for all rentals.  You might try your homeowners for coverage, or it can be purchased at

All information is available in detail in the Facility Use Handbook and the Rental Contract.

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Founded 1932 in Puyallup, WA

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