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Benefits of Being a Grange Member

  • Enjoy a direct voice in the state legislative process

    • Involvement in the legislative process has been an important aspect of Grange activity since the organization's inception in 1867.  Our primary legislative objective is to represent the views of rural residents and the agriculture community.  Our views become Grange policy from the grass roots, through a "bottom up" democratic process.  Each year our policies are summarized and published in the Legislative Handbook, which guides our work in the Legislature.  We encourage all Grangers to get involved and make their voices heard.

  • Stay informed with Grange News

  • Ability to make a difference in your community

    • Grange members devote countless hours in service to their community.

  • Leadership opportunities for adults and youth

    • The Grange Youth Program is designed to provide leadership training and life skills training opportunities.  These opportunities include:  Regional Conferences, the Ambassador Program, the John Trimble Legislative Experience, Mentoring Programs and more.

  • Junior Granger

    • Membership is open to boys and girls age 5 to 14.  The program offers a large number of opportunities like contests, special projects, summer camps, learning leadership skills, self-confidence, responsibility, teamwork and respect for others.

  • Availability of College Scholarships

  • Numerous contests and activities

    • Photography

    • Baking

    • Canning

    • Sewing

    • Talent Contest

    • Arts and Crafts

    • Wood Crafts

    • Painting and Drawing

    • Public Speaking

    • Among numerous other activities and contests

  • Access to Grange social activities

  • Youth achievement awards and travel opportunities

Founded 1932 in Puyallup, WA

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